"The man who goes alone can start today;
But he who travels with another must wait till that other is ready"

-Henry David Thoreau

A Night on the Beach at PoP Beach Club

We all love a good throwback, so here's one of our own-our very first group trip.

It was the 30th of December 2015 and we had planned a Bohemian getaway-wooden chalets facing the ocean, palm trees, poolside cabanas, drinks, music, bonfire, food, beach and the whole nine yards. We had the coolest set of people on the trip too; most of whom were in town for the holiday and had brought their good vibe with them. Shout out to you guys, we miss you dearly..

We met at the boat docks at Falomo and hopped on a speed boat to PoP Beach Club. After a 30min boat ride we arrived at the docks in Ilashe and were picked up by quad bikes that gave us a ride to the beach house.

Now if you've been to PoP you'' know it's different from most of the other beach houses. It is colorful and quirky and has this free spirit, bohemian vibe about it that makes you feel relaxed once you arrive and that's why we chose it.

We got to the club house and everyone was in high spirits. Music started playing and the grill got going. But before we got into any of the turnup, we took a stroll down to the beach to get our feet wet and watch the sun set. Afterwards we had a fun game of beer pong-guys versus girls. Well not so much beer pong as coconut rum pong…lol. So you know that went 0-100 fun real quick. We jammed to music and took a dip in the pool while waiting for dinner.

After dinner, we started a bon fire by the beach and bonded over roasted marshmallows and tequila. Gosh we miss everyone from this trip. It was such a moment. In the spirit of Christmas, we had planned to watch Home Alone before bed but the projector decided it was on holiday as well and since everyone was tired we retired for the night. Some people slept in the rustic wooden PoP chalets, some in a modern beach house and some under the stars in the cabanas just cause it was a beautiful, cool, starry night.

Waking up to the sound of the crashing of waves is the most amazing sensation. So calming and soothing it takes your worries away. It was like we had travelled to a different place and we didn’t want to leave. We lazed about in the hammocks, took a morning stroll to the beach and then the guys sweated it out over a game of ping pong while breakfast was getting ready. Eggs, bread, sausages and fresh fruits. It was a beautiful morning and an incredible trip but the mini vacay was over. We dragged our feet to get dressed and leave but our boat finally arrived and we had to hurry.

We laid in the boat taking in the last moments of calm before heading back to the craziness of Lagos and saying goodbye to our new found friends. This trip will always be one for the books.

Safe travels :)


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