"The man who goes alone can start today;
But he who travels with another must wait till that other is ready"

-Henry David Thoreau

TripZapp Community La Campagne Tropicana Staycation

Independence Day fell on the weekend this year, so you know the TripZapp Community had to make a trip and this time we chose La Campagne Tropicana. It was a rainy Saturday when we met up at the rendezvous location in Lekki to carpool and make the drive together but luckily we left all the showers behind as we convoyed to La Campagne Tropicana. With cars full of cool people and good traffic-free roads, it wasa refreshing and pleasurable 1 hour 20 minutes’ drive.

It was all sunshine and palm trees by the time we got to the resort and the vibe was just right. We checked into our two chalets and were given a nice welcome and an introduction to the ways of the resort. Nigerian tradition and culture are emphasized and celebrated in the resort. There was palm wine for guests at the check in reception and each chalet, restaurant and bar had traditional names. We were taught the traditional ways to greet and we were told the talking drum hung at the entrance of each of our chalets was to serve as our door bell. Pretty neat! An attendant was assigned to us to tend to our needs.

Introduction done, we unpacked, changed into beach wear, got our speakers jamming, rubbed on some sunscreen and made our way to the beach with our coolers of drinks and food. The resort was really quite something. Palm trees dotted and towered over the entire place, chalets of different sizes and textures, nicely manicure grass and a spectacular ocean view. The water actually was blue, the sand golden and the beach clean. Some moments felt like we were in some the tropical island country. Take us back please!!

The ocean was so inviting that most of the group ran to it while our attendant, Pelumi set chairs and tables for us on the beach. The water looked so good for a swim but the waves were tad too strong and since we weren’t trying to lose anyone’s child we just wet our feet, and enjoyed the cooling freshness as the waves crashed on the shore.

There seems to be a thing with the Community and playing taboo on the beach, because this time like the last was no different. We played an interesting round. Losers, drank! We had a good laugh as each player tried frantically to explain their words...Good times. We ate, drank and connected. There are quite a number of fun activities at La Campagne Tropicana. Some people went horseback riding. Some got on the rope swing. Almost everyone was up for kayaking, so we all took a nice stroll along the beach to the lake. Kayaking is the only activity that attracts an extra charge in the resort. We each paid our N500 and got in a kayak. It was a lot of tripzappers’ first time but we are born naturals when it comes to exploring and adventuring. The views from within the lake was like something from an English countryside. It runs through thickets of trees that gives it a very picturesque calming feel while you kayak through. It was certainly something and we got a good workout from it. 

The sun was starting to set, so after a few minutes spent relaxing and for some kicking a soccer ball around, and for others playing catch with a football, it was time to bid some of the tripzappers who couldn’t spend the night goodbye. They certainly missed out on the beautiful sunset at the beach front. Red and gold hues in the navy blue evening sky. Gorgeous!

The night was nice and cool. We ordered food while we waited for our barbecue guy to show up. Took him a while but when he did, it was soooooo worth it. The turkey and the asun…Lord!! You have to contact us to get this guy’s number if you ever need a barbecue. We sat round a bon fire, music jamming and drinks in hand. We found crabs on the beach and chased around one superhero crab which got up running sideways on a few of its crab legs and had the rest in the air ready to attack. So hilarious! We retired to our chalets tired from all the day’s activity and passed out after all that asun and turkey.

The next morning was beautiful and serene. We were woken up by the talking drum doorbell which Pelumi struck to signal time for breakfast. Breakfast was set up buffet style by the beach. You couldn’t fault us for not wanting to leave after all of this. The breakfast spread was not too impressive but we still had turkey and asun from the barbecue so we weren’t complaining. Besides the vibe was just perfect. A few people had a nice morning game of soccer and the rest took a walk on the beach and around the resort. It was a little chilly for a dip in the pool so we relaxed in the beautiful morning ambience, laid in hammocks and on the sand by the beach enjoying the scenery. Nothing beats waking up to the sound of the waves and relaxing under swaying palm trees. It was a perfect morning and a perfect trip.

Where are we off to next? Register to join the TripZapp Community to find out. Contact us to book a fun trip to La Campagne Tropicana.

PS: It’ll make a great baecation. *wink*

Safe travels.

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