"The man who goes alone can start today;
But he who travels with another must wait till that other is ready"

-Henry David Thoreau

Ikogosi Warm Springs R&R

We set off at 8am in high spirits with a cooler of drinks, a bag of grub and a cool people. Estimated time of arrival in Ekiti State was 1pm but boy did the roads have other plans for us. The journey was an adventure. We had a good laugh trying to find short cuts and back roads around the ridiculous traffic caused by MFM and a broken down truck in Ibadan.

We drove through dirt roads and bushes, and paid N100 here and there to pass through “tolls” made by locals to access alternate routes. In Ibadan we took a local street hawker on board our bus in order to get directions around the traffic. The guy was such a trip.

By the time we got to Ekiti we’d all bonded over the journey. We finally arrived at 5pm. The air was fresh, the birds were chirping, the trees were greener, it was quiet, and oh so peaceful. We were tired but still full of our adventuring spirit. So before we checked into our rooms at the Ikogosi Warm Springs Resort we decided to take a tour of Warm Springs before the sun went down.

Since we were lodging at the resort, we paid nothing for the tour. Our tour guide took us through a wooden walkway through the woods. The path was flanked by trees and streams of running water on either side. It was serene and beautiful. We walked for about 5mins before finally reaching the source of the Warm Spring at the top of the hill. The water flowed clean and warm down the hill and out through a concrete pot. It is said to be pure enough to drink and it feeds the warm swimming pool of the resort which has no need for further heating or purification. How cool is that?

We descended the hill to the find the cold spring and then to the meeting point of the warm and cold springs. Of course we had to take our shoes off and get into the spring. It was quite something. Take one step, warm. Next step…cold! We could have been in the water for a while longer but there was catfish peppersoup to be had. We were told the legend of the warm springs. A tale about a great hunter who had two wives, one quiet and the other temperamental. The two wives had a fight one day and after being scolded by their husband turned into the cold and warm springs respectively. Interesting story huh? Anyway we were off to have our peppersoup.

We walked back toward the wooden path and stopped at the swimming pool. We sat at a table by the pool. Our local catfish peppersoup and Origin came. The peppersoup was so finger-licking (in this case spoon-licking) good we ordered another round. You really must have their catfish peppersoup. They don’t make it like that in the cities.

Bellies half full, we finally checked into our rooms. The rooms were neat and cozy and there was hot water in the shower. We each checked into our rooms and then met up later for dinner. We had to have Ekiti pounded yam. You know proper pounded yam. That too was so good. Finger-licking good this time. Lol. After the pounded yam, some more Origin and a few laughs about Ekiti TV, we decided to take a walk in the cool evening.

The stars shined so brightly. And there were a ton of them. It was so gorgeous and seeing as we happened to have a talented photographer on our trip, we decided to photograph them and got carried away creating light photography in the night. We laid on the ground watching the stars and cracking jokes before we called it a night.

We got up early the next morning to visit the Warm and Cold Springs again so we could get good pictures. We had breakfast, checked out and went on our next adventure-to visit the Arinta Waterfalls.

It was a 15 minute drive from the resort. There was a N200 entry fee. On arrival all you see is nature’s beauty. Thickets of trees and birds chirping. The weather was great for the hike ahead. The hike was easy enough, although we couldn’t wear hiking shoes because we’d be in water by the time we got to the waterfall. We could hear the rush of water as we made our way through the woods.

We got to the Arinta Waterfall and it was breathtaking. The water came cascading down from what looked like a hole in the rocks surrounded by trees and creepers. It was amazing. There are said to be seven levels of this waterfall but the climb is almost impossible so we can’t confirm how many levels there actually are. We stayed soaking up the awesomeness of nature, photographing it and wading through the water for about 30 minutes before we finally decided to make our way back and start our journey back to Lagos.

Ekiti is such a beauty. Nature is so alive with hills hidden in the fog and so much greenery. We made a few stops to attempt to capture it all.

The journey back to Lagos was smooth thankfully; 5 hours as planned. Of course we had to stop along the way to buy dodo ikire, bush meat and grass cutter from the hawkers on the road for family and friends. One grass cutter never made back to Lagos though. We went in on it on the bus. Lol. This bunch of travellers were certainly foodies because we arrived Lagos and went to BBQ and Cravings for pretty much everything on the menu-wings, rice, potatoes, ribs, goat meat, turkey, pancakes-we had it all. Burp!

Seeing as we were all friends now, we met up later in the evening to go to the New Afrika Shrine to watch Femi Kuti play. The music and Femi’s performance and the entire vibe was the perfect end to an amazing weekend.

We are gearing up for another adventure and you absolutely don’t want to miss out on it. We’ll be exploring Osun State and its Erin Ijesha Waterfalls, Osun Sacred Groves, Osun River, Nike Art Gallery and the Ooni's Palace in October. So visit our website to sign up and follow us on social media so stay updated.

Till then safe travels! 

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