"The man who goes alone can start today;
But he who travels with another must wait till that other is ready"

-Henry David Thoreau

Lekki Conservation Centre Flash Trip

It was a nice Saturday morning two weeks ago. The weather was perfect. Cool. No rain. No sun. The group gathered at entrance patio of the Lekki Conservation Center in good spirits and everyone quickly got along including the peacocks. Those birds seem to love people and the TripZapp card. They thought they were crackers and kept jumping to grab one.

The place was serene and nice: a stark contrast to the craziness of Lagos city. It’s almost hard to imagine a place like that exists. Entry fees were paid and everyone carried on snapchatting while waiting for people to show up. Soon enough the tour started and the fun began.

The tour started with a long walk through a narrow bridge in the woods with trees flanking on either side. It was really something just the feel of it. You could hear birds chirping and we kept playing spot the monkey. Some came close enough and others just swung from tree to tree.

The walk brought us to the beginning of the suspended rope bridge which is the longest canopy walk in Africa. So when they say canopy walk, they mean you’d be so high above the ground that you’ll be walking above the tree canopies (top of the trees). How’s that for a Saturday fun adventure. It was funny watching some people overcome their fear of heights on the Canopy walk but we all sure had fun. The park ranger who led the tour did a few flips and tricks on the bridge for fun so if you do go make sure you make yours do it.

We made our way across through the canopy walk and back into the woods feeling a tad worked out (the lazy ones of us at least…lol) and walked a while longer till we got out to grassy fields with some quirky fun places. There was a life size chess and ludo set so of course we had to play with that. There was a nice pond with pretty (apparently expensive) koi fish. At this point we were quite tired and hungry so all we could think of was grilled fish (point and kill to be precise) but there was no grilling the fish (yes we asked.) If you wanted though, you could bring your own food and have a picnic.

After snapchatting and goofing around and having some good laughs the tour was pretty much over and we headed back to the woods to make our way out. At the end of the bridge some monkeys were out to play or maybe wave us bye. Not sure which. But they were so cute you wanted to take them home and they loved TripZapp too. 

More pictures, hugs and goodbyes and it was the end of a beautiful morning.

The tour took about 2 hours and was highly refreshing and barely put a dent in your pocket. The canopy walk cost N1000 and the entrance fee another N1000. N2000 for a great experience. There’s no reason not to visit. Make it a Saturday/Sunday morning trip to avoid traffic and heat. It’s located right after the Chevron roundabout toward Ajah. You can’t miss it. New in town or don't know how to get there? Give us a call and we'll have the trip all sorted for you.

If you missed out on the fun we had this trip, don’t miss out on the next one. We are off to Ikogosi Warm Springs in Ekiti State on the 3rd of September for another fun adventure. 

Till then, safe travels.

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