"The man who goes alone can start today;
But he who travels with another must wait till that other is ready"

-Henry David Thoreau

The Northern Exploration

Kajuru, Zaria and Gurara 3 Days Nov, 2017 - Dec, 2018

Spend a weekend exploring the beauties of the North from Kajuru Castle, to Zaria and the Gurara Falls.

Bayside Vibes Beach Party

Landmark Leisure Beach 1 Day Dec, 2018 - Dec, 2018

The Beach Party Of The Year!!!

Badagry Slave Tour

Badagry 1 Day Aug, 2017 - Dec, 2018

Journey back in time to the Slave Trave era in Lagos and walk to the Point of No Return.

Makoko Floating Village Tour

Makoko 1 Day Mar, 2018 - Dec, 2018

Canoeing through the floating village of Makoko

Into The Rocks

Olumo Rock, Ogun State 1 Day Nov, 2017 - Dec, 2018

Fitness and tourism all in one trip

An Equestrian Experience

Lagos 1 Day Nov, 2017 - Dec, 2018

Discover the noble art of horsemanship on this hour long horseback riding tour

Fela Kuti Tour

Kalakuta & Afrika Shrine 1 Day Nov, 2017 - Dec, 2018

Experience the life and sound of the legendary Fela Kuti as you explore Kalakuta Museum and the New Afrika Shrine on this Lagos tour.

Lekki Combination Tour

Lekki, Lagos 1 Day Nov, 2017 - Dec, 2018

The best of Lekki all in one tour. Visit the Lekki Conservation Centre, Nike Art Gallery, Lekki Art Market and the Awolowo Museum and Private Beach.

Lagos Island City Tour

Lagos 1 Day Nov, 2017 - Dec, 2018

A half day tour of the history of Lagos. Explore the old colonial streets of Lagos Island and Iddo on a this tour.

Across the Bridge

Lekki Conservation Centre 1 Day Nov, 2017 - Dec, 2018

Climb across tree tops and immerse yourself in the beauties of nature at the Lekki Conservation Centre

Lagos Island Tour by Keke

Lagos Island 1 Day Mar, 2018 - Dec, 2018

Cruise down the streets of Lagos Island in Lagos' signature "Keke" discovering the histories embedded in the colonial building that dot the busy roads.

Chasing Waterfalls

Osun State 2 Days Nov, 2017 - Dec, 2018

If you can't make it to Victoria falls, the Seven Waterfalls right here in Osun State will make a nice substitute. Visit the Osun-Sacred Groves, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and go waterfall chasing at the Olumirin Waterfalls.

Surf and Sun

Tarkwa Bay 1 Day Nov, 2017 - Dec, 2018

It's always summer in Lagos so off to the beach to catch a wave.

Bohemian Getaway

La Campagne Tropicana 1 Day Nov, 2017 - Dec, 2018

Good vibes only. Palm trees, coconuts, blues oceans and golden sands.

Warm Springs R&R

Ikogosi, Ekiti State 2 Days Nov, 2017 - Dec, 2018

Take a break from the hustle and bustle and escape to the peaceful town of Ikogosi

Tye & Dye Making Experience

Lagos 1 Day Feb, 2018 - Mar, 2019

Learn the art of making Tie & Dye Fabrics while discovering local art on this 2 hour experience.

Hills and Waterfalls

Idanre and Erin Ijesha 2 Days Nov, 2017 - Mar, 2019

Nature, History and Fitness. Pack your active gear and let's go exploring.