"The man who goes alone can start today;
But he who travels with another must wait till that other is ready"

-Henry David Thoreau

A Journey by Rail to Ogun State

We heard the Nigerian Railway Corporation have been hard at work trying to get railway transportation back up and running so we had to see for ourselves. We got to the Lagos Terminus in Iddo to catch the 1pm first class train to Ijoko, […]

Omobola in the Wild Wild West

I almost gave up on the visiting the Grand Canyon because when I started to research, I found out that ideally, one needs to start planning about a year in advance- especially if you plan to stay at the Grand Canyon National Park itself. […]

TripZapp Community La Campagne Tropicana Staycation

Independence Day fell on the weekend this year, so you know the TripZapp Community had to make a trip and this time we chose La Campagne Tropicana. It was a rainy Saturday when we met up at the rendezvous location in Lekki to carpool and make […]

TripZapp Community Tarkwa Bay Trip

Public holiday? Say no more!! We were off to the beach. We had it all planned within the TripZapp community. It was the first time the community would be out taking a trip together and meeting each other and we brought our friends along. […]

Ikogosi Warm Springs R&R

We set off at 8am in high spirits with a cooler of drinks, a bag of grub and a cool people. Estimated time of arrival in Ekiti State was 1pm but boy did the roads have other plans for us. The journey was an adventure. We had a good laugh […]

Melanin Traveller: Summer and Sunburns

Being of different shades of chocolate and accustomed to the heat of the sun which makes summer an everyday occurrence, a day at the beach usually requires no further essentials than a towel, flip flops, sunglasses and a swimsuit. But hold on […]

Lekki Conservation Centre Flash Trip

It was a nice Saturday morning two weeks ago. The weather was perfect. Cool. No rain. No sun. The group gathered at entrance patio of the Lekki Conservation Center in good spirits and everyone quickly got along including the peacocks. Those […]

Eloho's Intro To Solo Travel: Mini Euro Tour

Solo travel to most people is a No-No and not being able to travel solo is the reason most inherent wanderlusts stay put and don’t get to see much of the world. But there’s really nothing to solo travelling and anyone can do […]

Myth Buster: Only Rich Folk Can Afford to Travel?

The idea that travelling is a luxury only rich people can afford is the myth responsible for keeping a lot of otherwise free spirited explorers confined to one spot. It is easy to see how this myth is believable especially given the new dollar […]